New boiler installations – Burnley and across Lancashire

A new boiler installation can be done as an individual project or as part of a full central heating installation. Generally speaking, if you already have radiators in your premises, then you’ll just need a new boiler, with no need to replace your radiators.

Here at Bowes Gas Services, we’ve got plenty of experience and knowledge when it comes to boiler installation; Burnley businesses and companies all around the Lancashire area, plus many residential customers, have used and recommended our services for years, due to our professional and honest approach.

Our ethos is to ensure that the customer gets what they need; if we come to your property and feel that a new boiler installation is unnecessary, we’ll tell you – we’d hate to see you make such a big investment if it’s not really required.

Do you need a new boiler?

The first thing we do when a customer calls regarding a new boiler installation is to arrange a visit; this allows us to to go over the problems they’re having and try to identify the problem and the best solution. We will offer our advice and give you time to make your decision. Sometimes we’ll be able to fix the problem to save you having a new boiler installed.

If you decide that a new boiler is the best way forward, or we’ve recommended a replacement boiler for safety reasons, we will then conduct a survey of the installation requirements, and go through any remedial work that may also need to be carried out, such as a power flush, a gas-supply upgrade or perhaps new thermostatic valves on your radiators.

We’ll then talk you through boiler protection, like magnetic filters that remove any metal objects from the water before it passes through the boiler, and then last but not least, we’ll look at controls (thermostats, programmable thermostats). After all that is done, we’ll price up and give you a no-obligation written estimate of the installation work.

The best boiler installation for your needs

Boiler-efficiency-SEDBUK-rating-exampleTo ensure that you get the best new boiler for your requirements, we always work closely with our customers; we’ll listen to your needs to ensure that you get the best possible appliance for your budget.

With all new boiler installations, we try our best to source appliances that come with a minimum of a 5 year warranty – giving you the peace of mind that any breakdowns or issues are covered for half a decade.

One thing we always make our customers aware of is that any new boiler installation must now fall within the ‘A rated’ bracket – if your heating engineer says otherwise, they’re wrong!

So for high quality boiler installations in Burnley, Blackburn or anywhere in the Lancashire area, contact Bowes Gas Services on 07845 014029 or 01282 862304.