Boiler warranties , the truth

we are a few years into manufacturers offering long warranties on their boilers, with 5 7 or 10yrs on the table it seems like a good thing. The realism of this isnt as good at it seems, alot of manufacturers are going out of their ways to find any discrepancy on installation to void warranties, i have recently witnessed this as i had a brand new boiler that was faulty out of the box, i called the manufacturer up and told them what was actually faulty with the boiler, it took him 45 minutes to do what was a 5 minute job. He did his best to find an installation fault but failed. i personally know a good installer whos customer had their warranty voided due to a minor error.

There has also been another knock on effect of this, with the manufacturers having to look after their appliances for longer they are struggling to keep up, taking 6-8 days to repair a faulty appliance. In my eyes this is an unacceptable length of time.

I am not going to bash any manufacturer but this has lead us as a business to rethink our strategy and recommend a boiler manufacturer that we know will give us and the customer the customer service we all expect, one of which doesn’t really offer the longer warranty but a Guarantee that an appliance will be fixed, if their is an issue with installation they will call the installer and request he remedies the problem.