Power flushing – Burnley, Blackburn and across Lancashire

If you’re looking for a professional power flush in or around the Burnley area, we’re ready and waiting to help you!

A power flush is the process of removing or ‘flushing out’ the build up of sludge deposits from your central heating systems, making it run more efficiently and helping to save you money by avoiding the need for potentially expensive repairs.

Over the lifespan of a central heating system, black iron oxide, more often referred to as ‘sludge’, will build up in the system. This can have potentially disastrous consequences on the efficiency of your central heating if action is not taken. High fuel bills and the replacement of parts of the system are inevitable if internal corrosion is not kept under control by a professional power flush.

Do I need a power flush?

There are many telltale signs that you central heating system would benefit from a power flush. If your system has any of the following symptoms, you should definitely consider calling in a professional;

  • Cold spots on radiators
  • Blocked radiators
  • Radiators frequently needing venting & bleeding
  • Boiler noise
  • Boiler failure or lockout
  • Noisy pump
  • Pump failure
  • Heating circulation problems
  • System is slow to heat up
  • Reduced heating output
  • Pinhole leaks from radiators
  • Blocked inoperative or leaking radiator valves
  • High fuel bills

How do you do a power flush?

The power flush process is quite simple and is usually carried out within a day on residential properties; if you require a power flush on a larger commercial premises, it may take longer.

All we have to do is connect our power flush units to your pump or radiators and the machine will then cleanse the system by flushing it through with powerful chemicals and rust inhibitors which loosens the sludge. This will be passed through our magnetic filter which will remove the black sludge and make your central heating system work much more efficiently. You will be left with clean radiators and pipes, allowing unrestricted circulation of heat and hot water.

At Bowes Gas Services we use one of the best, if not the best power flushing machine on the market today, this combined with the best chemicals gives us the best possible chance to cleanse your system thoroughly from the inside.

We have had some fantastic results from badly corroded central heating systems where other companies have recommended a new boiler – we found that with our premium equipment, all they really needed was a power flush.

If you’d like to improve the performance of your central heating system, you can arrange a power flush in Burnley or anywhere across Lancashire by contacting Bowes today, on 07845 014029 or 01282 862304.