Boiler warranties

The consumer world has become more demanding and why not if we are paying for it. Why not want the best? Within the heating world it is not all about price , when you choose the boiler that you require to heat your home and providing you with all the hot water you need 365 days a year it is no wonder that it can be a difficult decision. This is why more and more customers every year rely on Bowes gas services to provide them with top quality advice. We are driven by you the customer and what you require and at the moment it is all about warranty.

Just like cars and other highly manufactured goods, boilers have become really well engineered and as long as you stick to the top manufacturers like Ideal, Baxi, Vaillant, Worcester and Viessmann you are guaranteed to get a great boiler. At Bowes gas services we believe that boilers can be tailored to what you want and your budget. This is why we offer a selection and although warranty is highly important it is all in the small print and we really think it is tied to the price. If the boiler is really expensive and it has a really long warranty is this the best option for all?


All Warranties have their t&C’s , make sure its fit properly and serviced annually.